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Tutejsi / The Locals / Di Ortike (2009)
Great Klezmers of East and West (2006)
A Fayerl Far Dem Hartsn (2002), now available on Amazon.com and other stores
Other featured recordings
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The Locals / Di Ortike / Tutejsi

CD + book (College of Eastern Europe, Wroclaw, 2009)
Minsker Kapelye's new CD, "Di Ortike / The Locals / Tutejsi" has been produced and released by the College of Eastern Europe in Wroclaw, Poland. This album of 70 minutes duration is accompanied by 46 pages book in hard cover which had been designed and created by Ivan 'Muertos' Dribas, a talented computer and video game artist. "The Locals" has become a result of a decennial research undertaken by Dmitri Slepovitch and Nina Stepanskaya, ז''ל. In fact, this is the first ever album based specifically on the musical tradition of the Litvaks, the Belarusian-Lithuanian Jews. There are traditional klezmer pieces and Yiddish / macaronic songs, songs composed by Jack Rekhtseyt and Dmitri Slepovitch, klezmer fusion, klezmer jazz, musique concrète and rap in Yiddish on this disc. This Minsker Kapelye's third CD was recorded at one of Poland's finest studios, the Tower Studio, in mid-June, 2008. It is available for purchase at the KEW online store (Polish version only), several other Polish web stores, like Ksiegarnia Wysylkowa (in English).
For purchase in US and Canada,

The Locals / Di Ortike / Tuteyshyia Karahod Suite: Karahod I (trad.).
Polka Suite (excerpt) (trad.).
A Pastekhl (excerpt) (trad.- D.Slepovitch).
Тэкст буклета па-беларуску - Liner notes in Belarusian (PDF download)
Tutejsi CD review on KlezmerShack.com

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Great Klezmers of East and West

double CD album, with Paul Brody's Sadawi (Ferment, 2006)

Great Klezmers of East and West (Ferment, 2006) Two Retales: Retale I (trad.).
Two Retales: Retale II (trad.).
Sher (trad.- D.Slepovitch).
Oberek Wlesu (trad.).
Nie zhuryties khloptsy (trad.).

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A Fayerl far dem Hartzn

(Minsker Kapelye, 2002).

Lechaim (trad. - Slepovitch).
Khupe Marsch (Wedding march) (G. Verdi - klezmorim of Minsk - Slepovitch).
Khupe Marsch (Wedding march) (trad. - Slepovitch).
Minsker Freylekhs (trad., Slepovitch).
Hot a Yid a Vaybele (A Jew Has Got a Wife) (trad. - Slepovitch).

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Other featured recordings:

"Minsker Kapelye" together with Alexandr Pomidorov also appear on the album "Kalyhanki" (Lullabies) produced by UNICEF. The album was acclaimed as the Project of the Year 2007 in Belarus.
"Минскер Капелье" совместно с Александром Помидоровым также записали трек для альбома "Калыханкі" ("Колыбельные"), получившем звание Проекта Года 2007 в Беларуси. Этот некоммерческий проект появился по заказу и при поддержке фонда ЮНИСЕФ.
Viglid (Lullaby) (Jewish trad., D.Slepovitch)

Live performance/Концертная запись

at KlezmerSHOCK! festival (Minsk, November, 2005)

NEW! Minsker Kapelye video clips / Минскер Капелье на видео

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